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En513 Ag843c 150WThis website has a new name and a new look.

After twelve years the previous blue website has been decommissioned because technological advances exceeded its capabilities to adapt any further.

This new site can be read on ipads and smart phones, and reshapes itself to their dimensions and their vertical and horizontal formats.

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daily bread

All my desire is before You, Lord, and not all before human beings. Let your desire be always before God. And your Father Who sees all in secret will repay you. For your constant desire is your prayer; if your desire is constant, so is your prayer constant.

St Augustine, On Psalm 37, 14. 

Cling to God with love so that your life may grow. Hold fast to the faithful, certain, great and everlasting promises of God, and to the unshakeable and ineffable gift of His forebearance.

St Augustine, Letter 248. 

Let me seek You, O Lord, calling upon you. And let me call upon you, believing in You, for you have been preached to us. My faith calls upon you – a faith that you inspired in me through by the coming of your Son through the ministry of Your preacher.

St Augustine, Confessions 1, 1, 397-401 AD.

Have we sinned? Let us correct ourselves! The way has not yet ended; the day is not over. For human and tolerable sins God has established in the Church a time of mercy for distributing daily medicine. It occurs when we pray, “Forgive is our trespasses.”

St Augustine Sermon 17, 5. 

We were sick and could not move. And so the heavenly Physician came to the patient; the way was prepared for the wanderer. Let us be saved by Him; let us walk with Him.

St Augustine, Sermon on John 2, 13. 

He Who has given us the gift of being also gives us the gift of being good. He gives it to those who have turned back to Him. He even sought them out before they were converted and when they were far from His ways.

St Augustine, On Psalm 103 (4), 2. 

Although the lost sheep could lose itself while wandering, it could not find itself. If would not have been found if the mercy of the shepherd had not sought it out. Similarly, the prodigal son was also sought out and raised by the One Who gives life to everyone.

St Augustine, On Psalm 77, 24. 

Just imagine the incredible kindness and mercy of Christ. He was the only Son, but he did not want to remain alone. So that humans might be born of God, God was born of humans. He is through Whom we are born, and through Whom we are to be re-created.

St Augustine, Sermon on John 2, 13. 

We are your little flock, Lord; we belong to You. Spread your wings that we make take refuge under them. Be our glory, and let us be loved for Your sake, and let your Word be revered in Your midst.

St Augustine, Confessions 10, 36, 397-401 AD.


AH054 AD778 200WVideo: Come and See 

AH116 H7975 100WWelcome to the completely redesigned website of the Australian Province of the Augustinians! It replaces the previous site "www.augustinians.org.au"

We are a group of men working for Christ in a variety of ways. As members of a Religious Order we have been in Australia since 1838. James Alypius Goold OSA, later Archbishop of Melbourne, began a path that took the Order into Victoria, Queensland and later into New South Wales.

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Pope Francis to visit South Korea

The Pope will visit South Korea on 14th – 18th August 2014. He will beatify 124 martyrs and attend the Sixth Asian Youth Day which will be held in the Diocese of Daejeon. Young adults from 29 Asian nations will participate, and the presence of the Pope is certain to boost the number of youth who will be present.


Fr Peter McHugh O.S.A. - Rest in peace

The Australian Province of the Order of St Augustine has announced the death of one of its members, Fr Peter McHugh O.S.A. who died at Mareeba in Far North Queensland on 2nd July 2014. Bulacan Augnet apac


Villanova Strategic Plan 2014-2018

A major initiative of the College Council over the past eighteen months has been strategic planning and renewal. The outcome is the 2014-2018 Strategic Plan that will be launched on 24 August 2014, during Villanova’s celebration of the feast of St Monica, the mother of St Augustine.


Fifty years of Augustinians at Nagoya in Japan

Our brothers in the Vicariate of the Augustinian Martyrs of Japan celebrated their golden jubilee of ministry at Nagoya on 22 June 2014, which last century was their third foundation in Japan during the modern era.


Augustinian Volunteers placements 2014

The fifteen Augustinian Volunteers Australia for 2014 are from four Augustinian parishes and an Augustinian college in three Australian capital cities (Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane), as well as other young adults from elsewhere who have also responded to AVA publicity. Australia's two Augustinian colleges participate in AVA through past pupil involvement (including a 2014 AVA participant) and by granting Aboriginal scholarships.


Sunday's Readings - Images for 27 July 2014

First Reading Second Reading Third Reading (Australian images on the themes of Sunday's readings.) Images taken in New South Wales at Bathurst, Hill End and Pitt Town.

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