The Order of Saint Augustine has a centuries old presence in the Asia Pacific but a relatively youthful face in South Korea. Established in 1985 the Delegation of Korea now boasts some 20 members working in the retreat ministry, migrant worker apostolate and social welfare in the Dioceses of Incheon and Ui-Jeong-Bu.

Some members of the Delegation of Korea with Fr. Alejandro Moral Anton OSA (Prior General) and Fr. Peter Jones OSA (Prior Provincial)

Jointly initiated by members of the Australian and English /Scottish Province with generous support from the Province of Cebu, three Korean communities now serve the local church in both a busy inner-city environment and a secluded country setting conducive to refection and retreats. The members include both Augustinian priests and brothers.

Photo taken during the 2019 Annual Assembly of the Delegation of Korea

Aside from our retreat houses and parish involvement, from the year 2000 a social welfare facility “You & I” was inaugurated to meet the needs of young men from dislocated family backgrounds who might be nurtured through their school years and helped on a career path. Augustinians from the Province of Cebu also currently serve as chaplains to the Filipino foreign worker community in Korea.

Fr. Denis Cuervo OSA with the Chaplaincy Team of the Migrant Workers in South Korea

Members of the Korean Delegation have, both in the past and in the present, spent some time studying and ministering in Australia and contributed to our cultural richness.

Fr. Denis Cuervo OSA with he Filipino Foreign Worker Community in South Korea

Far from being isolated, the Korean communities maintain close relationships with their Augustinian brothers in nearby Japan as well as the Philippines, and look forward to engaging with the emerging Augustinian presence in Vietnam.

Safeguarding of the young and vulnerable are values enshrined in our ministry and practices.

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