Migrants and Refugees - Thailand

Reflecting on his ministry and work in Thailand, Fr. John Murray OSA writes:

I am now in Thailand for the long haul. I ask myself why. My response is that here I found my opportunity to live out my passion for the gospel, for social justice and working with the poor and marginalized. My community in Bangkok is one and diverse, being comprised of those with whom I share my faith and my passion. So who is my community?

In a Buddhist nation, I find a small church opening me up to pastoral ministry to a cosmopolitan community based at Assumption cathedral.

In a big city, I find a small but most vulnerable and fearful urban refugee community that needs friendship, not just help. They have remained my passion, working for them as part of a vibrant community and church network, actively responding to a population in need.

In a tourist’s paradise, I find vulnerable migrant worker populations that know denial of their rights and loneliness in a foreign land. As part of Caritas Thailand, I work for their good.

In a dislocated world, I find Caritas, both locally and globally, as my stability and channel for mission. With Caritas International, I share in their efforts for advocacy on migration.

My raison d’etre in a multi-faceted mission is migration and the outsider, whoever that may be.