Formation Stages

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Becoming a solemnly professed Augustinian priest or brother is a lifelong commitment to God, to the Church, and to the Augustinian Order. The stages in formation is structured to ensure that the Augustinian way of life is suitable for the candidate. It is a time to develop both the mind and the heart to better help future Augustinians serve God's people.

1. Pre-Novitiate

After a person has officially applied to and been accepted by the Order as a candidate, the person lives in the formation community where he will prepare for his novitiate year. During this time, he will also be introduced to spiritual direction and begin study in areas such as Augustinian spirituality, Scripture, liturgy and sacraments. As the candidate continues to discern his vocation, he participates and shares in the community life. Duration of this stage can be up to two years.

2. Novitiate Year

Novitiate is a pivotal step in the formation process. Upon acceptance into the novitiate, the candidate becomes a provisional member of the Order. During this year of preparation for first vows,the candidateis formed in the Order’s way of life. At present time, novices from the Australian Province attend the Order’s novitiate in the Asia Pacific Augustinian Novitiate (APAN) in Cebu, Philippines. This gives Augustinian novices in Asia-Pacific an experience of the international character of the Order.

3. Augustinian Profession

At the end of the novitiate year, an Augustinian professes religious vows for the first time. These vows are temporary but are renewed each year as the Augustinian continues to discern his vocation. After a minimum of three years, the Augustinian may profess solemn vows by which he makes a life commitment to live and serve as an Augustinian.

4. Preparation for Ministry

In the years after the novitiate, the Augustinian pursues various studies related to his individual talents which he will develop for the needs of the Order and for the ministries in which he may serve in the future. An Augustinian preparing for the ordained ministry will study philosophy and theology. With the completion of relevant studies and after solemn profession as an Augustinian, the candidate for the priesthood can be admitted to the order of deacon and then sometime later to the priesthood.

5. Supervised pastoral experience and residence in an apostolic Augustinian Community

As the Augustinian move from temporary profession to solemn vows and or ordination, a period of residential supervised ministry involvement in one of the parishes or schools of the Order is provided.

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