The Augustinians

Is God calling you to be an Augustinian?
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No one is a stranger to an Augustinian
The Augustinians are members of the Order of Saint Augustine, a community of brothers and priests present in over 40 countries around the world. Inspired by the spirituality of Saint Augustine, we professto "live together in harmony, being of one mind and one heart on the way to God."

Community, friendship and hospitality are at the heart of our way of life. Saint Augustine believed that God could be best discovered in the company of friends, and that is how we have chosen to serve God. In our communities and places of ministries, we seek to foster St. Augustine’s ideal of uniting people in the communion of mind and heart for the glory of God and the service of God’s people.

In our witness of the common life, we journey together in search of the truth that is God, we hold all things in common, and we support one another as brothers and friends united in charity.

Whatever form our work takes, we bring with us our personality as Augustinians. Among those we serve, we try to create what we seek in our Order’s own houses: a community of love and respect, where the presence of God can be recognized in each member.

In Australia, we serve in various ministries in North Queensland, Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney. Our ministries include parishes, schools, Indigenous Connections, and ministry to Youth and Young Adults. We also have missions in Korea and Vietnam. Our communities reflect great diversity leading us to deeper commitment to fraternal communion.

Ever thought about becoming an Augustinian brother or priest?

Contact Fr Saldie Resolado OSA on 0407686069 or email him at