Answers to the Augustine Quiz

This quiz was developed by Fr Francis Aherne O.S.A. at the Augustinian house of postulants at Southlands in Nairobi, Kenya, and was used in One World Week With Augustine in May 2008. Since that date, Fr Aherne has moved back to Ireland after a life of ministry in Africa.


The Augustinian postulants in Nairobi, Kenya, May 2008.

This is the answer page.

  1. Augustine called this man “The brother of my heart.” Who was he? (1 point) Alypius
  2. What exact date in 354 was Augustine born? (2 points) 13th November 354
  3. What particular verses in the Bible did Augustine read after he heard the voice of the young boy that he felt were aimed at him? (2 points) Romans 13: 13-14
  4. What are the names of the two famous football teams who play at San Siro, near where Augustine was baptised?
    (½ point each) A.C. Milan & Inter Milan
  5. Every morning, as Bishop, Augustine had to arbitrate in lawsuits (inheritance, ownership disputes etc). True or false
    (1 point) True
  6. What was Monica’s tribe (who are still very numerous in North Africa)? (2 points) Berber
  7. At what age did Augustine die? (1 point) 76 years
  8. Who was the Manichaean Bishop who arrived in Carthage and disappointed Augustine in his answers?
    (2 points) Faustus
  9. According to Time magazine, after Jesus and Paul, Augustine was the most influential figure in the history of Christianity. True or false? (1 point) True
  10. Augustine’s first name? (1 point) Aurelius
  11.  How many books did Augustine write, to the nearest 20? (2 points) 230
  12. Ayathollah Khatami, former president of Iran, admires St. Augustine and has read the ‘City of God’ and other works of Augustine. True or false? (1 point) True
  13. What two dates do Augustinians worldwide celebrate as special feasts of Augustine? (1 point each) 24th April & 28th August
  14. Why in each case? (1 point each) Baptism and death
  15. Adeodatus was the name of Augustine’s son. What does it mean? (1 point) Given by God
  16. Time Magazine claimed that Augustine, in each of the 16 centuries since his conversion continues to exert a major intellectual, spiritual and cultural force on the world. True or false (1 point) True
  17.  Where are Augustine’s remains? (2 points) Pavia
  18. Augustine lived almost entirely on vegetables. True or false (1 point) True
  19. How many years did Augustine stay with his mistress? (2 points) Fifteen years
  20. What was the name of the Bishop whom Augustine replaced in Hippo? (2 points) Valerius
  21. What is the title of Augustine’s autobiography? (1 point) Confessions
  22. When the great universities were formed in the 12th century, the curriculum they used was essentially the same as Augustine had outlined in his book ‘On Christian Doctrine’. True or false (1 point) True
  23. Who died last between Alypius, Augustine and Possidius? (1 point) Possidius
  24. Augustine was a speechmaker for the Roman Emperor. True or false (1 point) True
  25. Did he, who was very social minded and friendly, write a book on friendship? (1 point) No
  26. In his writings he was a living biblical encyclopaedia. To the nearest 1,000 how often in his writings did Augustine quote the bible? (3 points) 42,816 times
  27. What fruit did Augustine and his friends steal and throw to the pigs? (1 point) Pears
  28. What was the name of Augustine’s brother? (2 points) Navigius
  29. How many volumes in the ‘City of God’, which took him 10 years to write? (3 points) Twenty-two
  30. Who wrote about Augustine “I lived in close friendship with him for 40 years”? (1 point) Possidius
  31. While he was still alive people in France began a movement to canonise his writings and put them on a par with scripture. True or false (1 point) True
  32. How old was Adeodatus when he died? (2 points) Seventeen years
  33. Name the relations and friends who lived with Augustine as he prepared for baptism at Cassiciacum, under the Alps?
    (1 point for each correct; 1 point less for any wrong answer) Alypius, Nebridius, cousins Rusticus and Lastidianus, his students Trygetius and Licentius, Nivigius, Adeodatus and Monica.