21 November 2023

A time to be nourished by the Augustinian Spirituality

Last weekend (17-19 November) 22 young adult retreatants enjoyed community building and affirmation of gifts...
15 November 2023
Annual Retreat

St James & Friends Young Adults Retreat

Annual recharge and retreat for young adults, were we'll have fellowship, fun, worship, amazing talks...
14 November 2023

AYE and WYD highlights

Augustinian Youth Encounter and World Youth Day highlights...
8 August 2023
Our Australian Augustinian Young adults

Our Australian Augustinian Young adults participating the AYE-WYD in Lisbon Portugal

At Portela Church, Sta Iria, Lisbon Portugal celebrating faith and Augustinian spirituality with other 400 plus AYE participants...
13 November 2022
Augustinian Youth Encounter 2023

Augustinian Youth Encounter

AYE Lisbon will be from 25 – 30 July 2023, together we will share how the spirituality of St Augustine is being lived out in our individual communities.
13 November 2022
World Youth Day 2023

World Youth Day

The main event of the whole pilgrimage is the World Youth Day (WYD) from 1-6 August 2023. World Youth Day is an international gathering of young people...